Wallpaper for your kitchen

For many of us the kitchen is one of the most used places in our home. So unsurprisingly throughout time your wallpaper will show signs of wear & tear and be in need of a refresh. This  is where we The Best Wallpaper Place get involved. We’ve listed below our favourite designer wallpapers perfect for your kitchen.

Wallpaper is still a popular option for a multi-functional space such as an open plan kitchen where it can be used to define zones such as a dining area. Wallpaper can help tie the scheme together and create a visual focus to the room, and the busy environment of the kitchen also allows for the choice of wallpapers to be more bold, energetic and fun than in other areas of the home. The kitchen is a heavy traffic area and as such you need to make sure that whatever wallpaper you put in there can stand up to the rigors of everyday life. They often get hot and steamy with grease hanging in the air. Good extraction is a vital ingredient in any kitchen, perhaps even more so in a living and entertaining environment. The trick is to keep as much of this as possible away from any wallcoverings and look for wallpapers that are wipe-able, washable and often vinyl wallpaper which will offer greater durability.


With Cannage from Arte wallcoverings your walls appear to have been braided. There was a reason for naming the design after this craft. The typical wickerwork of chair caning is very recognisable. The complicated, layered lines capture your attention and are available in 5 stunning colourways guaranteed to make your kitchen stand out. (click/tap the image to shop)



Bring your kitchen to life with this extremely impressive design from Cole & son ft Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Medina is a sumptuous, intricate latticework pattern full of three-dimensional drop shadows creating the subtle movement of life. Available in 4 elegant colourways. (click/tap the image to shop) 



As indicated by the name “Waves” from Omexco the principal motif of this collection is an undulating design, which cruises throughout in shades of frost white and mink. Perfect to add a modern touch to any kitchen. Available in a wide variety of 16 colourways. (click/tap the image to shop)


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