Unleash Your ‘Wild’ Side – Using Animal Print Wallpaper In Your Home

Animal print has become a massive trend this year, you can’t walk down the high street or browse online without seeing patterns and prints everywhere. As a result of this animal prints have made a huge comeback in interiors. No longer the trademark of a trashy 80s bedroom or reminiscent of Bet Lynch, it is now a stylish and high-end look that allows you to make a statement in your home.


From leopard spots to tiger stripes, animal prints have gone one step further. Now patterns include zebra stripes, giraffe patterns, paw prints and even fun and quirky pictures of animals. Don’t be constrained by classic colours either; Animal prints in electric blues, muted greens and bright reds will add a modern feel to your home.

Many of the designer wallpaper brands have incorporated this into their wallpaper collection for this year, offering a variety of ways to use animal print in your home. An advantage of animal print is how versatile it can look. If you want to make a bold statement with your interior decor, then there are big print patterns available, however if you’re looking for something simple and to bring texture to a wall (in the case of flocked and faux skin designs) this can also be done.

If you’re considering using animal print wallpaper in your home but feeling a little cautious and don’t want to overdo it, then it’s probably worth papering just one feature wall rather than the whole room.

An example of a subtle animal print wallpaper includes; “Senzo Spot” from the Ardmore collection by Cole & Son. This wallpaper is inspired by the charmingly naive patterning of giraffe spots created by young Ardmore artist Senzo Duma, “Senzo Spot” recreates the age-old small scale animal print as a smart semi-plain wallpaper. This effortlessly smart and contemporary design is offered in six colourings including stone & white, olive & gold, and charcoal & ivory.

On the other hand if you’re looking at bringing a bold wallpaper into your home, there are a number of animal print wallpapers available on the market. These can be used effectively in all sorts of rooms, whether it’s a contemporary living room or a tranquil bedroom. As seen in the mood board image below “Time will Tell” from the Candy collection by Elitis is a statement wallpaper bursting with colour. The stripes represent zebra stripes with an excessive scratching in ink on silk. This wallpaper can be paired with similar colours in order to bring out the true beauty it has to offer.


Another example of bold wallpaper includes “Leopard Walk” from the Ardmore collection by Cole & Son. Leopards march left and right across this wallpaper, their tails forming patterns and rhythms associated with Zulu dance and music. This wallpaper is a perfect choice for dark bedroom interiors, giving the room a luxury feel.


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