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Prestigious Textiles - Elements - Linea 16/05/2016
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Unleash your inner stylist with new wallpaper designs by Prestigious Textiles

The Best Wallpaper Place is pleased to present Prestigious Textiles’ newest and most exciting wallpaper designs, now available on our website. For on-trend design options that are both up-to-date and timeless, Prestigious Textiles is one of our top choices here at The Best Wallpaper Place. This bold company offers a new generation of wallpapers offering new life to spaces undergoing renovation.

Christmas Wall Art 16/12/2015
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Decorations without damage?

Many of us will be soon thinking about putting up Christmas decorations if we haven’t already done so. One of the problems with this can be the damage to the walls and wallpaper which they create. Of course if you have recently decorated, then you will be even more anxious to avoid this. Our guide will give you some tips on what to do when hanging those festive decorations.

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Common wallpaper problems: Bubbles.

Many problems can occur when undertaking a wallpaper job – having ‘bumps’ or ‘bubbles’ in the wallpaper can be one example of such problems. Bubbling wallpaper is generally caused by a lack of a good bond between the wallpaper and the wall. Obviously this need not ever be a problem as preventative measures can be taken (i.e. ensuring you have a good ratio of the amount of paste and thickness per wallpaper piece.)

bedroom feature wallpaper 19/08/2015
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The Best Wallpaper For: Bedrooms

If the statistics are true about sleep, the bedroom is one place where we spend a big part of our life. Even if you don’t believe this, the surroundings of the bedroom are the last thing we see at night, and the first thing we see when we wake up for sure. Therefore having quality, attractive and likable wallpaper can (as silly as it seems) shape our sleep and set our mood for the day. In this article we explore this further.

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The Best Wallpaper For: Bathrooms

When it comes to thinking about wallpapering the bathroom there is one statement that many people would first jump to – ‘how can this be possible?’ In the good old days of wallpaper, attempting to do this was a definite no no because of the nightmare of problems the bathroom can create – water, steam, mould are all things we have had experiences with in the bathroom.