Quick Fix Decorating

Perhaps money is a little tight? £££ $$$ €€€
Perhaps there is not enough time? Busy : o clock

Wallpapering is a job that requires time and money amongst other things. Why should this put you off if you fancy a freshen-up of your existing area?
There are plenty of things that can be done without going to the extreme of a complete overhaul. This article will explore and give you some idea.

* Add borders to existing wallpaper.
Borders are relatively cheap to buy, and there is a pattern and style to suit everyones taste and existing schemes. Borders can range from plain colours to a fancy design. Addition of borders brings a feature and an eye catching piece to an otherwise plain wall. Think how easy this is compared to completely wallpapering from scratch!

* Use artwork.
Now a piece could be written on this in its own right. Artwork can take many forms: canvases, tapestries, stained glass, frames etc. A nicely decorated room without any of these type of features would be bland, so artwork is necessary for any room – even bathrooms and kitchens can house appropriate pieces.
Think about what it is you like and what would look good. Think about the style and feel you are trying to create – old fashioned or modern? While artwork has its place too much doesn’t and can look overcrowded and spoil the effect. Bear this in mind! Remember artwork fits nicely on walls and complements wallpaper.

* Mirrors.
Another potential item that can sit on the walls, mirrors do many things to a room. Mirrors make rooms appear bigger and brighter by processes of reflecting and refracting. Similar to artwork, mirrors come in many forms, and the fancy styles can be very appealing and give the room a grand appear which shifts the focuses away from wallpapering while still achieving new character.

* Lighting.
Rather than going to all the trouble of fully decorating a room, some tweaks with the lighting levels and structures could easily be a cheaper and convenient option.
Of course you could go to the point of getting all new lighting (spot lighting for example or LED lighting.) This would still be cheaper than a complete revamp of the room. However such drastic action is not necessary.

Think about the lighting style rather than the lights theirselves. For ceiling lighting, chandeliers come in a range of sizes, styles and prices. One could argue that these pieces make a room and would certainly add class. These days, wall lighting is getting equally as quirky and local DIY shops through to specialist lighting centres cater for all.
Lighting not only adds a piece to the wall and diverts away from needing to wallpaper the light itself will add warmth to the room.

Remember Christmas style lighting is popular all year round these days and candles produce good lighting effects.

You don’t even need to do this! Think about lampshades. Something as simple as changing these or maybe you are good at art and can paint the lampshades or use stencilling? Anything is quick and possible, and something new is something fresh!

Ever thought that curtains are similar to walls? They cover a large area and like wallpaper need to be pleasing to look at. Choosing the right curtains can take the focus off wallpaper and add another focal point to the room whilst keeping it warm and inviting. Choose long or short curtains, plain or mutli-styled for different effects.

If all else fails…
Altering the furniture (or at least part of it) can be a cheaper way of quick fix decorating. Infact sometimes by adding just one stand out item can be enough to update a room in a simple way.

This is only a sample of popular ways used to bring some spark into a room There are many more and you can come up with your own ideas to suit you. No one can have rooms redecorated month after month. If you are feeling like a change without going to too much trouble as demonstrated there are simple ways to achieve this which will buy you time, energy and money!

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