Moiré Wallpaper & Watered Silk Effect Wallpaper Offer Timeless Style with Depth and Interest

For those that prefer a quiet look full of interest, history, and elegance, there are two options we regularly recommend. Both are tried-and-true options that will likely remain perfectly on-trend for decades to come.

The colour options are extensive; both bold and subdued hues are great choices.

Choosing a high-quality wallcovering option that will withstand the constantly changing world of interior design without ever seeming dated or “over” is a smart move. Smaller fixtures like furniture items and textiles are much easier to adjust as personal taste and trends ebb and flow. If a wallcovering change is in your remodeling plans, these two options are worth a close look:

Moiré wallpaper patterns offer an irregular wavy finish on a fabric backing. This style dates to the early 1800’s and is French in origin. The word “moiré” comes from the French word watered. This type of wallcovering offers depth by superimposing two existing patterns over each other.

For a bolder look, consider finishing a focus wall in a deep toned moiré wallpaper.

, the moiré wallcovering option shown here, is from Arte’s Mirage collection, comprised of 22 colors.

Watered silk is a classic style of wallpaper that made its first appearance in the design world over 100 years ago. Ideal for a room that needs a calm and elegant feel, this softly shimmering wallcovering is truly a timeless option.

Try watered silk wallpaper in the bedroom behind the headboard as an accent to a well-designed room, or let it be the star of your dining room and finish the space with luxurious window coverings. This wallpaper option fits in perfectly with nearly any style of décor.

delicate lines watered silk

Delicate Lines, the watered silk wallpaper option shown here, is by Hooked On Walls and is available here in eight colors; brass, black, blue, grey, ivory pearl, brown, burgundy, and beige.

For more information about how watered silk wallpaper and moiré wallpaper could be ideal for your room remodel, please contact our expert designers at, today.


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