Living room makeover guide

When it comes to a make-over of any room in the house, the quality, effect and finishing product are all important. The living room is probably one of the most popular rooms of the house you spend your social and relaxing waking time in. Therefore achieving something comfortable and pleasing in terms of style is all too important for yourself, family and guests.



There are many things to consider when decorating a room, and especially the living room. This guide will seek to point out relevant information.


Before any fabric or interior type work is undertaken it is best to think about and if necessary strip the room back to its original shell. This gives time for any issues with walls to be remedied (such as cracks and unevenness) and possible plastering / filling where necessary. The last thing you want to do is deal with this last if you are having new furniture and fittings.


Decide on how you will cover the walls at this stage also. Will it be a quick job of letting plaster dry and simply painting the walls? Would you prefer to give the wallpaper a lining, or use fancy textured wallpaper to give a certain effect or style?

Do not forget the ceiling also – it is often overlooked as we do not notice it as much was the walls! Many people prefer a plain ceiling, but there are equal grand and striking designs for ceilings as for walls. Give this a thought.


More Walls.

Once a decision is made on the walls, other features can be added to the surround to give the room some character.

The obvious feature is that of skirting boards. These come in many shapes, sizes and designs and can be stained or finished with gloss paint.

Architrave around doors sets a door into the room and makes it feel part of the space.

Dado and picture rails are all further things that can be considered for yours walls, but be careful not to make a cluttered or over-the-top feel.


Do look down.

After considering the areas above your head – walls and ceilings, it is then necessary to think about what you walk on.

Flooring can be a headache and one of the most difficult decisions is whether to go for carpet or laminate flooring. A conclusion for most people is often reached on this when deciding how dirty the area is likely to get. Obviously laminate flooring can be cleaned much easier than carpet – so if you have dogs and cats this might be something to factor in.

Some houses can take the whole laminate flooring idea further – older houses particularly have original oak floors, which when restored can look outstanding and grand. Discover to see what you have at your disposal.

Carpets make rooms warmer if you are trying to achieve a cosy feel, and bear in mind that laminate floors come in ranges of quality and thickness depending on the ‘traffic’ of the area – essentially how much the area is likely to be walked on.

Whether carpet or laminate floor, strive for quality and avoid going too cheap.


To add to the headache the range of flooring options does not stop there either. Perhaps not suitable for the colder UK climate but all sorts of other flooring ranges exist, such a tiling the floor. Rugs can also be used to good effect and worth bearing in mind.

contemporary flooring

The fireplace (or something grand.)

This might seem a little specific but fact is when many people look at decorating and making over a living room a fireplace is still regarded as an important feature. Aswell as serving the obvious role, fireplaces bring beauty, character and a homely feel to any living room. Today truly breath-taking designs exist and can be a winner at all costs. There is scope for experimenting here with stoves or chimney styles for a different look also.
Remember the fireplace has far reaching scope in make-overs. Stunning mantle pieces can be created or pictures hung to draw even more attention to star of the room.

If not a fireplace then something equally as bold should be considered to give the room a focal point. Of course this is not a requirement but some people do like iconic stamps on rooms.

Everything else.

The last thing to think about is the furniture and furnishing. While last it is not least as these make the room what is it.

Think about a colour scheme or what you are trying to achieve. Some people like very bright colours, or maybe creams and neutrals may suit the not so adventurous. Try and match all your furniture to your chosen theme or style for consistency.

Settees and sofas make the room inviting and appealing but do your homework and measure carefully or the room will quickly become an obstacle course of climbing over and squeezing through narrow spaces. Consider adding cushions or throws onto the seats to give extra style.

crushed velvet sofa

Lighting is very important to show off the room, particularly at night, and increasingly during the day. Depending on budget basic lightning can be used with a mixture of wall lights, free standing tall lights or a grand chandelier in the room. Becoming increasingly popular is the range of ‘mood lighting’ available which is seen as contemporary and gives a whole new different twist to lighting options.

When deciding to makeover a room, knowing where to start is half the problem. If you are planning to make over your living room this guide should have at least helped you to solve that half the problem!

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