The Best Wallpaper For: Kitchens

This is a topic which creates divided opinion and understandably so. The kitchen is usually the last place where wallpaper is deemed acceptable not least because of the heat and humidity the environment creates along with grease and odours. This has to be considered and part of this is making sure any preparation is done to the highest standard and appropriate wallpaper is used. Normally for a kitchen a good quality clothed back vinyl is recommended. It is also advisable that kitchen wallpapering is done by a professional as imperfections are likely to show up much easier than in any other room.

If you are still keen on putting wallpaper in the kitchen then don’t let this put you off, as in the right circumstances, it can actually make an effective and refreshing change to a busy space.

Kitchen style wallpaper for the kitchen.
This is the only place in the house where you can realistically get away with pictures of pots, pans foods or jugs on the wall. Take advantage of this and really put a stamp on the kitchen area. Done correctly it can actually look nice and not as tacky as it seems, as the picture below shows.
Kitchen wallpaper

The traditional look.
Remember just like any other room, you can and should blend your wallpaper into the surroundings. A traditional white washed look for a kitchen can be made more stylish by adding fashionable and classy wallpaper. In the example below you will see how the addition makes such a charming look to what would otherwise be a simple plain white design.
Traditional Kitchen design

Remember to create a barrier
… that is between the wallpaper and moisture.
A material called ‘plexiglass’ can really help. This substance is durable, easy to install and maintain, and makes wallpaper in the kitchen more achievable. You don’t even have to go to the extreme of having all your walls in the kitchen covered. You can just have a strip of wallpaper behind the plexiglass to make a border effect – these borders being common in many other rooms in people’s houses. This is shown below:

Remember that kitchen borders can be really fancy and attractive providing the focal point to your kitchen. Let your imagine run wild and you can come up with something really warm and homely.
An example of a border we particularly like is shown below:

Decorate specific items.
Instead of having a border, you could decide to focus on the kitchen furniture rather than the walls themselves. A quirky idea is to wallpaper or line the kitchen cupboards which would make the area stand out even more. Take care if you are thinking of doing this, as splashes and grease may cause you problems. Alternatively lining the inside of the cupboards with wallpaper can be an option too. As an extension on this theme, the cupboards could be painted instead or stencilling used to give an extra artistic design. The choice is yours!
Cupboard wallpaperCupboard wallpaper 2

When it comes to thinking about wallpapering the kitchen, it is easy to jump to conclusions and be put off as this is not the traditional done thing. However this article has demonstrated that there is plenty of ways wallpaper in the kitchen can actually contribute to a unique look. As far as the kitchen area is concerned just remember to choose the right type of wallpaper and have it fitted by the right person.

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