Introducing Cole & Son – Martyn Lawrence Bullard Collection

About The Designer: Martyn

When it comes to interior Martyn Lawrence Bullard is known internationally for his range of different styles and ideas. He has previously worked with many celebrities including The Kardashians, Cher and Tommy Hilfiger. He has won multiple awards and has been included in the top 100 interior designers.

Cole and Son has collaborated with Martyn Lawrence Bullard to bring you this collection. Described as contemporary wallcoverings this collection features a wide variety of different styles guaranteed to leave your interior looking grand. Not only have they released wallpaper they also have a couple different borders available to purchase. We’ve listed below a few of our favourite take a look:

Hollywood Palm
Hollywood Palm is an instant classic featuring a beautiful Palm Springs design. Available in 4 different colourways so you have plenty of choice.
Bahia and Jali Trellis
Bahia can be used as a stand-alone panel or with Jali Trellis. Containing colours including gold and stone to stand out. Jali Trellis is a beautiful print giving the illusion of stonework.
The Fez border gives the illusions of hanging lanterns. The metallic look adds a sense of glow to the lanterns leaving your interior looking majestic. Available in 2 colourways.

If you would like to shop the full range click this link or visit our website If you have any questions on this new collection don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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