Integrating copper colour tones for a fresh modern look

Copper is a big deal in home design right now. These warm and inviting shades of brown and orange are likely to represent a lasting preference for metallic shades that are toned-down and natural looking.

Copper itself emits a warm glow making it ideal for use in home décor. Choosing a finish and design that complements the existing furniture and fixtures is simple, since copper plays nice with so many colours and textures.

A modern home with contemporary décor may benefit from the addition of shiny copper elements.  A single copper hanging fixture above the table makes a statement without becoming an overwhelming element. For a fresh but bespoke look, try using copper with an aged finish. The patina is an energizing shade of green that gives any copper fixture a one-of-a-kind look that fits in well with a more relaxed decorating style.

Unless you are in the process of remodelling, it’s best to slowly introduce new materials into a home environment and make sure they coordinate well and are pleasing to the eye. Try replacing a single fixture or adding an accessory like a vase or copper-framed mirror to test the waters.

Glitter wallpaper brings glamourous copper into any room

For those with a total room makeover in mind, all of our glitter wallpaper options in warm shades of brown emit a copper glow. They provide a real show stealing design statement. Create a focal wall behind the couch or behind the head of a bed in a shade that goes well with your furnishings, and then pull elements of that colour out into other lush textures. For example, choose a plush throw blanket in a matching shade or add a few linen throw pillows in copper tones to add even more warmth to the room.

We ship our designer-quality fabric-backed glitter wallpaper all over the world, and our in-house design staff is always ready and willing to provide advice and guidance when choosing and installing any of our products. For more information about how to successfully integrate copper colour tones into your home décor scheme, please contact us.

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