How To: Wallpaper Uneven Walls

The worst part of wallpapering is encountering problems. Some of these are easily remedied but uneven walls can create a big headache simply because there is not a lot you can do about it. Our guide will try and help you make the best of a difficult situation.

The ultimate option.
Depending on how bad the uneven walls are the best way to repair this is have the walls skimmed over or plastered completely. There is also the option of over-boarding the walls and skimming after if the problem is really bad and you have no other choice. This is often a specialist decision and one most lay people could not make accurately. If you are in doubt, seek advice on this.

The problem with the above is that can it be very expensive and cost a lot of time. Therefore as an alternative you may consider some of the below more attractive.

Use textured wallpaper.
This is a clever way to cover up uneven walls. Textured wallpaper offers more substance because they give the wall a pattern and make it appear ‘thicker’ thus appearing to hide the unevenness of the walls. To take this to another level try experimenting with flocked wallpaper which adds an extra bit of class to the design while arguably hiding the unevenness a little better. A handy point to remember is to try and avoid a vertical pattern because this can actually expose an uneven wall more.
Textured wallpaper can be painted afterwards which helps it blend into your room colour scheme, or play crafty and use a ‘concealing colour.’

Create a faux look.
Faux wallpaper has been explored in one of our previous blog posts and could be described as ‘fancy’ to give a certain type of effect that you probably couldn’t create with ordinary wallpaper. E.g. A brick effect looking wall or a pebble effect looking wall. Again the advantage of this is your eyes are drawn to the unique and different styles rather than the walls which appear bumpy in nature.
Rather than provide endless detail about this, it is simply easier to show and you get the feel for yourself.
How to wallpaper uneven wallsFaux look 2

Use the space for something else.
A better way to hide uneven walls is simply utilise the area you have by adding your favourite things or items which make the area look better. How about hanging your favourite photos, art or paintings to the wall? A wall tapestry can be a lovely stylish way to offer something different to a room and it just so happens to cover up the problem aswell.
The tip here if you are doing it for patching up reasons is to include enough material so you get over the problem, but at the same time don’t make the wall look overcrowded or a different type of problem will become noticeable!

Think about colour
Painting or covering an uneven wall in a bright orange colour is sure to attract attention to it whereas if this colour blended in with the rest of the room you will score yourself some concealing points. Try not to make the problem stand out anymore than it has to.

Hide or move around
The last option to consider is patching up the wall the best you can and possibly rearranging your room so you can totally conceal the issue. Possibly your sofa or wall cabinet units can go across the offending wall and those uneven surfaces can’t haunt you!

When it comes to uneven walls there is no need to panic as there are plenty of ways around the issue and hopefully this posting will help you get around a common problem.

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