How To: Accessorise With Glitter Wallpaper

Choosing how to accessorise with glitter wallcoverings can sometimes prove to be the most difficult decision of the process. Once you have decided on your colour scheme and what room you want to add a sparkle to, the next question is where to put your Glitter and how much to use.

1: Creating a Statement piece

Creating a statement piece such as a feature wall is the most popular way to stylise your home with Glitter wallpaper. When hearing “feature wall” many people visualise this as the largest wall in their room, however one of the best ways to create emphasis to your interiors is to decorate a “chimney breast feature wall” as seen below:

Sand Glitter Chimney Breast  Lilac Glitter wallpaper

2: Glitter Wallpaper Ceiling Design

Hanging Glitter wallcovering on the ceiling is often overlooked due to its sporadic appearance in the world of interiors. With this said, if you are looking to create a wow factor, a twinkle in the sky should not be ruled out. Where a full ceiling cover in Glitter wallcoverings are more common in boutiques and salons, a small bathroom ceiling or hallway covered in a neutral tone will provide you with a glamorous effect in your home interiors.

Glitter on ceiling

3: Glitter Stripe Wallpaper

A popular trend at present is the glitter stripe effect. The idea behind this is to use a smaller amount of glitter whilst keeping a sparkling glamorous effect.  Currently, the option to purchase a glitter stripe is not available however this can be a good thing; to create a stripe you will need to cut your glitter to personal preference meaning that you can control the width, height and occurrence of stripe or you can browse our holographic glitter wallpaper stripe designs. A top choice for glitter stripe fans is to create one single bold stripe, centralised to the middle of the wall as seen below:

Stripe glitter wallpaper Gold Glitter with Stripes

4: Co-ordinating designs that go well with Glitter Wallpaper

Once you have a spectacular Glitter wall you may feel that your surrounding walls look isolated and also need a renovation in line with your sparkly wallpaper but what if plain wallpaper or paint just isn’t for you? With Glitter wallpaper being a textured plain design, this opens the door for the use of a number of co-ordinating designs (with-in reason). In fact lots of people see glitter wallpaper as their co-ordinating plain to designs such as Damask, Stripes and Animal print wallpaper. Ideas can the seen below:

Black Glitter with Animal print wallpaper Silver Glitter Wallpaper with damask

5: Glitter Wallcovering off cuts.

Due to the nature of Glitter wallcovering, its fabric back composition allows us to explore further, endless possibilities in the design world – great if you have any off-cuts/left overs.  Ideas for making the most out of your glitter range from covering light switches and sockets, insides of lamp shades, photo frames and even creating amazing glitter wall art like this:

Glitter wallcovering tree design


So, it’s pretty clear that accessorising with Glitter wallcoverings can dwell far beyond just hanging to the wall. With just the right amount of glitter and a design that suites you, you can quickly transform your home into a modern and glamorous interior setting.

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Darryl Husler

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