How to Use Glitter Wallpaper in a Child’s Bedroom for Maximum Effect

There’s nothing more pleasurable than designing a fun, safe, warm, and exciting environment for a child. Whether you’ve decided to take on the project yourself or seek the counsel of a trusted interior designer, there are few projects as satisfying as putting together a cohesive look for kids’ bedrooms.

While glitter wallpaper is appropriate for nearly any area of the home, it’s especially stunning in a child’s bedroom. A child who loves pink is enchanted by a focus wall in grey glitter wallpaper. For kids that like their spaces full of bold or dark colours, silver glitter wallpaper in one area of the room reflects light and adds depth to the space.
Sparkle wallpaper is an exciting addition to any sized room. In a small space, it brings a sense of whimsy and personalisation. In larger rooms, glitter wallpaper helps create a focused area and gives the eye a place to rest.

Brighten a one-window room using glitter wallpaper

Rooms with one window can feel dark and dim; especially during the winter months and on rainy days. Using glitter wallpaper to brighten a room is a subtle way to add life to a dark space. If it works with the décor, place the focus wall, covered from floor to ceiling, directly opposite the wall with the window. If that isn’t an option, aim a small standing spotlight at the wall to make the most of the reflective surface.

Create a comforting space with relaxing colours

Muted shades of green and blue set the mood in a child’s bedroom. Here are a few favourite ways to use small touches of our high-quality sparkle wallpaper to complement a relaxing space:
In a nature-themed room, try adding gold glitter wallpaper as an accent on the bottom half of the wall closest to the child’s play area. Shades of gold work well with green, taupe, tan, and white.

Treat an aspiring astronaut to a relaxing space that mimics the shine and sparkle of the stars. Choose a deep blue glitter wallpaper for walls and add simple top-quality furnishings to make the star-like sparkling walls a focal point of the room.

Soften the look of a high-ceiling large room and create a surprise focal point by adding pale blue sparkle wallpaper to the inside of the door. If the child has an adjacent bathroom, use the same glitter wallpaper on the wall surrounding the mirror. Those small touches add an element of fun and creativity to the space without overpowering it.

Design with the future in mind

Favorite colours, characters, and designs change frequently throughout childhood. Our glitter wallpaper is fabric-backed and when properly applied, lasts for decades. When designing a child’s bedroom, think about how their tastes and preferences may change in five or ten years. Choose a colour and texture that complements many different styles to get the most out of your design investment.

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