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Designers Offer the Best Advice for Adding Glitter Wallpaper to Your Home

The hottest new design trend brings a bit of sparkle to vision boards in the most sought-after interior decorators’ studios. Glitter wallpaper revitalises your space and changes the ambience completely. This fantastic design tool is easy to add in small doses for an instant lift. Add it to your whole-room makeover to capture the full wow-factor.

wallpaper symbol meanings 13/09/2016
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Wallpaper symbols guide – What do they mean?

Wallpaper symbols present a mystery for most people. It’s important to understand how to interpret them in order to care for your high-quality wallcoverings properly. There are various methods of safe cleaning that might be indicated by symbols on the wallpaper. If the wallpaper is not marked by any of the subsequent symbols, it is not advisable to clean the wallpaper using any method.

Other uses for wallpapering home interiors 04/09/2015
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Other uses for: Wallpaper

It is often said that the best things and ideas come from when someone thinks outside the box. Following this, the same can be said about wallpaper. Most people wouldn’t believe there are worlds of things that can be done with wallpaper other than simply papering the walls. In this article we will explore this, give you some ideas (and hopefully inspiration.)