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Christmas Wall Art 16/12/2015
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Decorations without damage?

Many of us will be soon thinking about putting up Christmas decorations if we haven’t already done so. One of the problems with this can be the damage to the walls and wallpaper which they create. Of course if you have recently decorated, then you will be even more anxious to avoid this. Our guide will give you some tips on what to do when hanging those festive decorations.

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Common wallpaper problems: Bubbles.

Many problems can occur when undertaking a wallpaper job – having ‘bumps’ or ‘bubbles’ in the wallpaper can be one example of such problems. Bubbling wallpaper is generally caused by a lack of a good bond between the wallpaper and the wall. Obviously this need not ever be a problem as preventative measures can be taken (i.e. ensuring you have a good ratio of the amount of paste and thickness per wallpaper piece.)

Patching in new wallpaper 13/10/2015
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How to: Patch in a section of new wallpaper

The first step to ascertain is whether the wallpaper you have on your wall still exists and is available for purchase. Further, when you undertake your original wallpapering job it is best to buy a roll or two over and keep these stored somewhere incase you need to do any remedial works later. This then cuts the panic and risk of the wallpaper style and type not existing anymore!

Other uses for wallpapering home interiors 04/09/2015
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Other uses for: Wallpaper

It is often said that the best things and ideas come from when someone thinks outside the box. Following this, the same can be said about wallpaper. Most people wouldn’t believe there are worlds of things that can be done with wallpaper other than simply papering the walls. In this article we will explore this, give you some ideas (and hopefully inspiration.)

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How To: Paint Textured Wallpaper | The Best Wallpaper Place

The obvious worry about painting textured wallpaper can be seen from the picture above. With the patterned and raised like appearance, people worry that the paint will splatter everywhere, it won’t dry properly etc. Actually, painting textured wallpaper isn’t vastly different from painting any other wallpaper. Our posting will give you specific things to look out for and bear in mind.

Wallpapering around obstacles. 19/03/2015
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How to: Wallpaper Around Obstacle | The Best Wallpaper Place

If we lived in a completely square and blank room with no fixtures or fittings inside it, wallpapering would be a breeze. Hanging wallpaper is fairly straightforward under normal circumstances, especially once you have the knack. The problems come when you have to paper around obstacles (they are called obstacles for a reason!) This guide will seek to give some explanation and tips on how to successfully do this.