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Living room wallpaper 11/02/2015
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Living room makeover guide

When it comes to a make-over of any room in the house, the quality, effect and finishing product are all important. The living room is probably one of the most popular rooms of the house you spend your social and relaxing waking time in. Therefore achieving something comfortable and pleasing in terms of style is all too important for yourself, family and gue

Guide to Quick Fix Decorating 08/01/2015
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Quick Fix Decorating

Perhaps money is a little tight? £££ $$$ €€€ Perhaps there is not enough time? Busy : o clock Wallpapering is a job that requires time and money amongst other things. Why should this put you off if you fancy a freshen-up of your existing area? There are plenty of things that can be done without going to the extreme of a complete overhaul. This article will explore and give you some idea.