Bring Sparkle To Your Walls With Glitter Wallcoverings and Wallpapers

At The Best Wallpaper Place, our range of glitter and sparkly wallpaper, featuring over 70 colours, are amongst the highest quality of glitter wallcoverings on the market, having been carefully chosen and developed by interior designer’s for over 10 years.

Whilst the idea of glitter wallpaper in your working or living room area may seem overly bold, or even fill you with dread, dependent on which colours and shades you choose, many wallpapers create a very subtle effect, gently manipulating natural and artificial light, rather than creating an overly bright and brash outcome. Popular colours of sparkly wallpaper include whites, blues, purples, yellows, oranges, pinks and greens, to name but a few.

Some people may prefer glittery wallpapers in more subtle, natural tones such as greys or browns, whilst other individuals choose striped or patterned wallpapers with a sparkling, glistening effect for a bolder interior design option. You may even decide to use glitter wallpaper to cover a feature wall, leaving other walls painted or papered in a more plain style. This can give a smaller room the effect of being much larger, whereas if the walls of a small room were all adorned with glitter wallpaper, this could be overbearing.

Deliberating which wallpaper to choose can be quite a stressful job, so to help you to make the right choice, you can order a number of samples to give you a real idea of what different colours and designs will look like on your walls. By ordering samples, you can hold them against your walls or existing furniture to pick the shade of wallpaper that best complements the room.

For more information on glitter wallpaper, and to take a look at our extensive range, you can visit The Best Wallpaper Place website.

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