Darryl Husler

graphite metallic wallpaper 10/10/2017

Brian Yates Wallpaper for The Eclectic Home

Established in the UK as a leading designer and visionary for over 30 years, the Brian Yates Company formed because an unmet demand for unusual wallcoverings that weren’t available locally at the time. Sheila Coombes and Brain Yates joined forces to provide their client base in the UK with unique products. The company soon formed a loyal following that relied on them for the latest and most exciting designs.

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Designers Offer the Best Advice for Adding Glitter Wallpaper to Your Home

The hottest new design trend brings a bit of sparkle to vision boards in the most sought-after interior decorators’ studios. Glitter wallpaper revitalises your space and changes the ambience completely. This fantastic design tool is easy to add in small doses for an instant lift. Add it to your whole-room makeover to capture the full wow-factor.


Zoffany Wallpaper – Kempshott Collection

Zoffany is a company that specializes in everything “interior,” with their catalogue featuring rugs, paint, lighting, furniture, and beautiful fabrics. In wallpaper too, the company produces some of the most popular collections in the world, and through innovation and expertise, has become one the most well-known companies is the industry.