December 2015

Christmas Wall Art 16/12/2015
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Decorations without damage?

Many of us will be soon thinking about putting up Christmas decorations if we haven’t already done so. One of the problems with this can be the damage to the walls and wallpaper which they create. Of course if you have recently decorated, then you will be even more anxious to avoid this. Our guide will give you some tips on what to do when hanging those festive decorations.

Wallpapering corners 07/12/2015
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Common wallpaper problems: Exposed corners.

When you have spent much time and effort wallpapering your room, you want it to look fabulous and why shouldn’t you! When you have completed such a project and it looks nearly perfect, the minor and little imperfections seem to show up much more readily. Exposed corners are one of these problems, and if you have different patterns / styles of wallpaper then it is likely to show up further. The good news is that a simple solution exists to remedy this problem.