November 2015

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Common wallpaper problems: Bubbles.

Many problems can occur when undertaking a wallpaper job – having ‘bumps’ or ‘bubbles’ in the wallpaper can be one example of such problems. Bubbling wallpaper is generally caused by a lack of a good bond between the wallpaper and the wall. Obviously this need not ever be a problem as preventative measures can be taken (i.e. ensuring you have a good ratio of the amount of paste and thickness per wallpaper piece.)

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How to: Patchwork wallpaper.

When it comes to thinking about wallpaper design the patchwork idea probably isn’t your first thought or at the top of your list. That said, hang on in there and read on because it can be a very unique way to show your imagination and artistic parts of your personality while creating something truly personal and original. In this article we will explore patchwork wallpaper a little further.