November 2014

In with the new, out with the old 17/11/2014
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How To: Remove Wallpaper

Stripping old wallpaper is a job that is not popular. It is messy, time consuming and requires a lot of effort. To get a good looking room at the finish, preparation is the art and the key, and this starts right at the very moment the whole process of decorative renovation begins. With this blog post some suggestions and tips should make your life easier when undertaking this task.

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Decorating Your New Home: Where To Start

Making a decision to start decorating is never taken lightly. Often people dream of the end result of a well presented, polished and cosy room, trying to create the atmosphere you have in mind. Decorating can also be a stressful job; it often involves turning rooms upside down, moving objects into other places and lots of time invested. With proper planning some of the hassle can be taken out of the process, therefore this guide will be your aid.