January 2013

The Various Designs of Childrens Wallpaper

Decorating a nursery in preparation for a new baby’s arrival can be extremely exciting. Many new parents want to start designing the room from scratch and will remove all traces of existing wallpaper and furnishings in order to create a fantastic nursery space for the new baby. Childrens wallpaper can come in all sorts of patterns and designs. For those parents who want to choose a neutral and soft feel to the nursery, they can choose a wallpaper which features soothing colours, such as beige and cream, and may just... Read More

Why Black Wallpaper Is Not Necessarily Just For Teenagers

Wallpaper is a fantastic method of changing the appearance of almost any room within a property. It is great for covering blemishes on walls which emulsion is unable to hide and it can bring to life even the darkest of rooms. There are so many different brands and styles of wallpaper to choose from, that any kind of image can be created for any kind of room. Contrary to popular belief, black wallpaper doesn’t have to be just for teenagers who want to create a dark space for their bedroom... Read More