November 2011


When people are considering redecoration of their homes then wallpaper often plays a big part in the design process as it is a great way of making a room stand out and truly make the most of a theme, style or era which the homeowner is trying to depict with their choice of furniture and furnishings. Well-known brands of wallpaper such as Thibaut offer a wide variety of different paper to choose from to suit many different interior design themes. Thibaut was established in 1886 and over the years has... Read More

Black Magic

Choosing black wallpaper may seem like a bold decision and one that is only made by the very brave but in actual fact there is no reason why anyone cannot make this dark wallpaper choice work them if they use it in the correct way. Black walls do not have to be dark and dingy, they can instead be very effective when created as part of an interior design project within the home. Though dark paper can accentuate any flaws in the wall itself, there are many ways in which... Read More