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How to Hang Fabric Glitter Wallpaper - Video Tutorial & Instructions | The Best Wallpaper Place

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Watch our video tutorial Guide on how to hang glitter wallpaper



Step by step hanging instructions


Important Glitter Wallpaper Information Important information

1. Check your Glitter is free from damage caused by transit, any damage must be reported upon delivery immediately.
2. Check the full roll thoroughly for any faults. If Glitter is faulty please report immediately, take a photograph and send to describing the fault.
3. Ensure the Glitter is put in original packaging and await instruction for collection.
4. Check carefully for any shading difference throughout the roll before hanging as once applied to the wall we are unable to accept a return or provide a replacement.
5. Lighter colours may pick up on smaller darker particles of glitter during manufacture, this is not a manufacturing fault and can normal be brushed.
6. We recommend that Glitter should be hung only by a professional decorator that has experience of hanging a fabric backed wall covering.
7. We will not be responsible for any costs incurred where a decorator has applied faulty Glitter to the wall.
8. The method of decorating is cut a splice which means that the end product should have seamless joins.


General Surface Prep  General Surface Preparation

1. Remove all existing wallcovering and backing papers, ensure the surface is clean, dry in depth and in sound condition.
2. Please note: Lighter Glitter require a surface of uniform colour. On a dry absorbent surface apply a good quality emulsion paint to equalise the surface colour using a pigmented paint of a similar colour and composition.
3. We recommend you stain block your wall in preparation for hanging lighter colours to avoid patching or defect.
4. Brush off all dirt and loose material with a stiff bristle brush and all surface combinations such as dirt, grease, polish, water soluble stains, felt tip pen marks, etc., should be removed by washing with a detergent solution, rinsed off with clean water and allowed to dry.
5. Mould and Algae should be treated with fungicidal wash and used in accordance with the pack instructions and allowed to dry.
6. Any holes, cracks and defects are to be filled flush with good quality filler, used in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If the wall surface is painted, once dry the filler should be spot primed with a paint of similar colour and composition to match the background.


General Hanging Recommendations  General Hanging Recommendations

1. Use only recommended Glitter Adhesive, please note that this should not be watered down as this will affect the end result.
2. Ensure good ventilation for hanging and drying.
3. Arrange product in roll sequence. Starting with the highest number first, cut and hang in sequence and should be hung the same way as it comes off the roll, if not there will be a shading difference. Number the top of each drop using a soft lead pencil to ensure the product is straight Stand back after each drop and asses the results.
4. Use only full width Glitter. Cutting narrow widths above door frames etc should be avoided. Do not in-fill with off cuts or out of sequence drops.
5. If hanging part width (e.g., into a corner) make sure joint is made using the correct edge. Never join an edge to middle.
6. Apply the adhesive evenly to the wall using a medium pile roller and a brush for cutting in. Allow adhesive to tack off.
7. Do not allow adhesive to get onto the face of your Glitter, removal will be impossible. When cleaning down adjacent areas of adhesive residue, protect the Glitter to prevent contamination.
8. At the top and bottom of each drop allow the Glitter to settle for approximately one hour before trimming and we suggest that 3 lengths hung at one time. The Glitter has movement therefore this will help before making any cuts.
9. Glitter should be overlapped and spliced immediately, overlap approx. 5cm (2”) and trim through the centre. If work is carried out continuously. Peel back the leading edge of the wallcovering by at least 5cm (2”) until you are ready to hang the next drop.
10. When carrying out an overlap and splice joint make sure to use a new blade for each cut. We suggest, two knifes used for each joint, replacing a new blade every joint in both knifes.
11. Once the drop is in place, make the finishing touches to the joint taking care not to squeeze out adhesive onto the face. The joint may be seam rolled if required. Ensure you do not overwork the joint, as this may cause damage.
12. Glitter should not be washed down or rubbed in any way, in particular at the seams as this will result in a discolouration and shading.
13. The Glitter should be seamless.
14. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on: 0121 308 0703 or contact us on our website we are happy to help!