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Glitter Wallpaper FAQs | The Best Wallpaper Place

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Here you can find customers frequently asked questions relating to our fabric back glitter wallcovering.


How do you Hang Glitter Wallpaper?

We recommend you use a professional decorator who has experience with hanging fabric back wallcovering however we offer professional and technical telephone support for all our customers and decorators who are hanging the Glitter wallcovering. A copy of our Glitter wallpaper hanging instructions put together with the help of professional decorators can be found on our website under the "useful glitter links section".

Can I order a Sample?

We encourage all of our customers to order a sample before placing an order as screen resolution may vary on different monitors. All samples can be requested on our website for a small charge of £1.00. Simply click the colour thumbnail or select the colour in the dropdown bar then click the pink "Order Sample" button just below. Samples are delivered by Royal Mail post; we aim to dispatch samples the same day.

How is the Glitter wallcovering sold?

Our Glitter is a fabric backed wallcovering, made suitable for use by our specially sourced adhesive.Glitter is sold by the metre - 100cm (1.09yrds, 3.28ft, 40in) and is 147cm wide. (1.61yrds, 4.82ft, 58in). All orders are specially cut to the amount of metres you require i.e. if you were to order 5 metres, you would receive a 5 metre cut piece at a width of 147cm, If you were to order 10 metres, you would receive a 10 metre cut piece at a width of 147cm and so on. If you are unsure as to how many metres you require, please call or email us and we will happily help you work out quantities.


How long is Delivery?

We aim to dispatch all orders within 24 hours. For items in stock delivery in 3 - 5 working days. Where we do not have stock of an item and a new batch needs to be produced, delivery will be approx 7 - 10 working days. Should this be the case we will notify you immediately. You can read more about our delivery procedures and worldwide delivery options by visiting our customer service section.

Do you ship your Glitter wallcovering overseas?

We have daily shipments going overseas to destinations Worldwide. We offer an express next day delivery service to the United States and countries within the EU. Destinations such as Australia,New Zealand, China and Japan can take upto 5 working days. Please email us if you would like a shipping quote to any destination worldwide.

How many metres of Glitter Wallcovering do I need?

If you measure the height and width of your wall our experienced customer service team will be able to give you an estimate on how many metres you require or if you prefer, our handy online Glitter Wallpaper Calculator can tell you the amount of metres you require. You can find the wallpaper calculator on any product page,please note: This is an approximation only. The Best Wallpaper Place advise that you should always consult your decorator before ordering wallpaper and as a result we cannot be held responsible for any wrongly ordered wallpaper from using our calculator.


What Adhesive should be used?

We recommend the use of our specially sourced and tested Glitter Wallpaper Adhesive. Where the recommended adhesive has not been used, we cannot be held responsible for any irregularities/inconsistencies or phenomenon’s that may occur from the use of unsuitable paste.

How much Adhesive do I require?

A 5kg Adhesive can cover approximately 16 metres of Glitter fabric wallcovering which is equivalent to 11m2. Our Adhesive is sold in 5kg and 10kg tubs

What is the difference between Sparkle and Stardust?

Both ranges fabric back, our Sparkle range is a more textured Glitter wallcovering with raised, chunky sequences whereas our Stardust range is a smooth, textured Glitter wallcovering with a more flat, grainy finish. Both are as equally spectacular as one another however for a commercial interior where customers/clients may be in constant contact with the Glitter we would recommend the Sparkle product due to it being more hard wearing.

Do you discount Glitter Wallcovering?

Due to the high volume of Glitter wallcovering we send out daily, we have decided to deduct over 20% off all of our Glitter wallcoverings meaning we are unable to deduct any further discount. For orders of 75 metres and over, please email our sales team for a quotation.

Do you accept Returns?

As our Glitter wallcovering is a bespoke, specially cut to your specification product, we are therefore unable to accept returns once your order has been sent out. Due to this, we strongly advise you double check all quantities with your decorator before ordering to avoid any under/over ordering

How accurate are your Website Images?

We try our best to make images as accurate as possible. Our sample service is put in place so that you can see exact colours of our Glitter wallcovering before ordering. On screen variations may occur due to different resolutions on monitors, we therefore advise you to order a sample. Please note: Where we try our best to copyright and protect our images from unauthorised reproduction, we have found a number of companies that are using our images to advertise their lower quality imitation of our Glitter wallcovering. Please be sure that you order a sample of all Glitter wallcoverings you come across to avoid any disappointment.


Does the Glitter Shed/Fall off when on the wall?

You can expect a small amount of shedding when applying the glitter to the wall however the product is very hard wearing and the Glitter will not fall off.

Is the Glitter washable?

Due to the material and heavy duty glue used to make this product, the Glitter is not washable and should not come in contact with water as this will damage the product. You can use a dry soft brush or cloth to clean the glitter wallcovering.

Is the Glitter wallcovering easy to remove?

You can peel the fabric off of the wall without damaging the overall look of the Glitter. As our specialist adhesive is heavy duty and designed for the Glitter to stay on the wall, it will prove slightly more difficult than a normal paper based roll to remove. You may experience paint loss on the wall when trying to remove the product.

Can you hang Glitter on newly plastered walls?

We do not recommend that glitter is applied in new build properties or newly plastered walls before a 12 month period due to reactions that take place within the wall components. It is always best to allow newly plastered walls to fully dry out before hanging any type of wallpaper or wallcovering. When fabric backed or textured wallcoverings are hung on the wall they do not allow for the wall to breathe which may cause moisture and reaction with the walls components.

Is Glitter suitable for wet/moist environments

Like with all wallcoverings, Damp and Humid areas can have a negative effect on the overall appearance. You should consider the environment area you're installing the wallcovering in to be sure the product is not defected. With this said, a lot of customers use the Glitter in Kitchens and Bathrooms. This however would be left at customer discretion.

Is the Glitter suitable for outdoor use?

As this is a wall decoration product we would advise against this however providing the Glitter is not in contact with rain/water and direct UV lighting then this may be considered.

Can your Glitter wallcovering be used for any other purpose?

As our Glitter wallcovering is fabric backed, many of our customers use our glitter to create pelmets, curtain track decor, cushions and blinds. You can see all the creative ideas that can be made by the use of our Glitter by visiting our Glitter showcase on our main Glitter page under the "links" section.