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Zoffany Quartz

05.07.13 | Darryl Husler

Zoffany Quartz

Quartz Wallpapers are archive inspired, but use new techniques and materials including foil and light reflective papers and inks to create unique and stunning wallcoverings.

Drama,Romance, History and innovation combine in the Quartz Wallpaper Collection. The designs are achive inspired, but use new techniques and materials to create unique and stunning papers. Foil and light reflective papers and inks introduce a rich and opulent theme to Zoffany's Range of wallpapers.

The collection is designed to complement the luxurious upholstery weaves and subtle prints in Zoffany's Town and Country collections and the Quartz weave collection of lustrous silks, sheers, striped and semi-plains.

Lustre Tile -  Printed on metallic foil with layers of translucent inks which distress and crackle glaze the surface. Depending on the colour, the effect ranges from that of "foxed" mirror tiles to the lustre glazes of Arts and Crafts ceramics.

Brocatello Briolette - Classic Brocatello design has been transformed into sheer glamour with a dramatic metallic hologram paper, creating a richly decorative wallpaper with a hint of Baraque.

Cordonnet  - Features a classic floral trail printed with metallic inks on a silk textured ground to imitate the embroidered effect of the coordinating fabric from the quartz collection.
Diamond Stitch - Shows a large scale contemporary design of wide zigzag stripes printed with small embroidered stitches in a subtle textured ground.

Spark - Sunburst design from our archives dates to the early 1900's and was probably used as ceiling wallpaper. It has been given a contemporary twist for the 21st century with the use of metallic inks, crackle glaze effects and foil grounds.

Ivy Leaf - is inspired by 18th century plaster moldings and was created by painting wet plaster slip onto real leaves and afterwards peeling off the leaf to reveal a perfect impression design.

Ebru  - Reproduces a delicate marble paper in minute detail to create a feminine and contemporary wallpaper.