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When to use Geometric Wallpaper

08.05.15 | Darryl Husler

When to use Geometric Wallpaper

When to use Geometric Wallpaper
Geometric is exactly as you would expect it to be. It is associated with maths and geometry and in short produces a pattern that ends up with characteristic lines and shapes. For wallpaper purposes geometric is actually quite special because it can be viewed as very quirky.

There are many different reasons why people would choose this style over other traditional wallpapers. These include:

* The fact that geometric is modern and seen as the ‘in thing.’
* It provides a change from the normal / regular.
* A range of styles exist from toned down to very fancy – meaning something can be found for most peoples tastes.
* It allows someone to express their own personality by putting a stamp or making a statement in the area which it is used.


Above: We showed a neutral design above, so it was only fair to show a very fancy one aswell!

The clever thing about geometric wallpaper is it sits in the background, yet brings the background wall to life and helps to engage the person and objects with the rest of the room. Geometric designs tend to be for those who aren’t ‘weak stomached’ and it is advisable that you get some patterns and visit places where you can actually see it first, before you decide whether it is right for you. Even a small trial of it somewhere in your house would be a good idea if possible.

Where can geometric wallpaper be used effectively?
Theoretically this wallpaper can be used anywhere just like most others. However there are certain places where its appeal is better placed.

* Reception hall / entrance
It doesn’t have to be as fancy as the rainbow staircase above, but it will surely attract attention to your visitors on entering the house, giving something to talk and discuss straight away.
Our example here would be to blend the colours with the staircase which creates a lovely match, yet has something focal about. Entrance halls can often be too plain!

* Bedroom.
With geometric wallpaper you really can spice up the bedroom! There are plenty of designs which will add tone and substance to your walls, and remember you can get as colourful or colourless as you want.
The other tip for using this wallpaper in the bedroom is the space perception it gives. If you have a small bedroom and would like to make it look more breathable the right geometric can do this. Equally certain styles of geometric can make bedrooms look very cosy if you want to create that secluded type feel.

* Lounge.
The lounge is probably the obvious and most popular room to use geometric. This is because with the vast amount of accessories in the room, style can soon be found which compliments or makes the rest of the room stand out. With using geometric in the living room the choice is yours and it depends what you want to achieve. Designs can be used which give a formal look, or perhaps something traditional suits better? Anything from class to outrageous designs are on offer, so let you imagination take over!
Remember a feature wall can be done in this style or all walls – you can have as much or as little of it as you like. If you’re not feeling so brave and as an alternative, why not find cushions, curtains or blinds with a geometric look?

Above: The ‘elegant’ geometric appearance.