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Buying Guide for: Wallpapering Tools

15.02.17 | Darryl Husler

Buying Guide for: Wallpapering Tools

Intent on installing wallpaper as a DIY project? You no doubt have questions about wallpapering tools that will make the job easier. Achieving a professional look and lasting results requires a basic knowledge of these essential tools.

Before starting the project, gather the tools you need. Wallpapering requires a steady hand, patience, and a good eye. The project will require your undivided attention, so getting everything you’ll need in one place will help avoid interruption and frustration.

Be especially cautious with a DIY wallpaper installation that involves tricky corners, higher-than-normal ceilings, and wall fixtures. It’s a great idea to recruit some help, even if it’s just someone to lend a hand now and then throughout the project.

Here are the tools you’ll need to get started:

Wallpapering table

A hardboard top pasting table is essential. Especially for projects that will take more than a couple of hours, this type of table will save you from unnecessary pain and prevent your valuable paper from getting accidentally stepped on.

Plumb Bob or Laser Level

This simple tool uses gravity to help you mark the wall with a perfectly straight vertical line. It’s especially important if you are hanging textured or patterned paper. A more modern technique is to use a decorators laser level which will project vertical and horizontal lines on to the wall for hanging guidance.

Seam Roller

For a beautiful installation that lasts, it’s crucial to press the seams of the wallpaper firmly into place. A seam roller helps you get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

Paper Hanging Scissors

Treat yourself to a new pair of large paper hanging scissors for this project. They are sharp, easy to handle, and will help you trim off excess paper perfectly.

7-inch Wallpaper Hanging Brush

Gently smooth pasted wallpaper after hanging to remove tiny air bubbles with a wallpaper hanging brush that’s at least 7 inches wide for the best results and adhesion.

Wallpaper Paste Brush

This compact brush has longer bristles for even application of paste to the back of wallpaper. Look for a brush with a small piece near the base of the handle so you can easily hang the brush inside the bucket of paste instead of laying it down.

Wallpaper Cutting Guide

This aluminium tool is simply an oversized ruler, made to exactly the right size for most brands of wallpaper. Use it to mark perfectly straight lines on the back of wallpaper for cutting for a wallpaper job that looks professional.

This Silver Glitter Sparkle wallpaper is a bespoke product that is a popular choice for a feature wall.


These tools will give you a good start. It’s important to measure your space correctly. Remember, glitter wallpaper is cut to order and must be hung in sequence for the desired result.

For more information about the best tools to use when installing our high-end glitter wallpaper, you can contact our team directly. We are here to help!