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Tips For Hanging Omexco Wallcoverings

12.03.14 | Darryl Husler

Tips For Hanging Omexco Wallcoverings

When hanging Omexco wallcoverings, it is important that for each collection, you should consult the hanging instructions. This is because Omexco wallpapers and wallcoverings are made from a number of different materials and therefore require different adhesives and in some cases, hanging techniques. Although different collections such as Omexco Stardust and Semiramis differ in terms of materials, there are still a number of similarities in the way that they should be hung.

Before hanging any wallcoverings, it is absolutely crucial that the wall should be properly prepared. This means that you must make sure that wall surfaces are clean and dry, as well as smooth and firm. If the walls are painted, it is advisable to wash them down with a Tri Sodium Phosphate solution; this removes are grease or dirt that has become engrained into the paint. Wallcoverings should never be hung over glossy surfaces including gloss paint. To make gloss paint more porous, it should be sanded down, removing the gloss finish.

For non-solid walls of materials such as ply or drywall, you must fill any cracks and in many cases, paint the surface with an acrylic basecoat, ensuring that the surface is smooth. For un-primed wall areas, you should also apply a primer to the wall surface, or it is likely that wallpaper with strip away from the wall.

Once the wall is prepared, one of the most difficult parts of hanging Omexco wallcoverings is preparing the strips to be hung. For most Omexo collections, you should first cut 3 strip lengths, making sure to add between 2 and 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) to each end of the strip.

Remember, if hanging patterned wallcoverings, you must plan your matching strip from the roll before cutting it. Mark each strip from the roll on the back, making sure that you hang them in the same sequence, otherwise, printed patterned designs will not match up. Follow the instructions on the roll, reversing alternative lengths when initiated to do so by the label on the roll.

When hanging strips of wallcoverings, be sure to apply a ready mixed adhesive to the wall, and not directly to the wallcovering itself. It is important to use an adhesive solutions that is approved by Omexco to be used with particular collections, and not to use too much of the adhesive; the suggested amount is about 7 ounces per square yard (200 grams per square meter). Spread the adhesive out evenly over the whole surface to avoid any open seams. Using too much adhesive could cause it to get on to the front of the material through the seams.

We have recently added a number of new wallcovering collections by Omexco, including Minerals, Stardust, Semiramis, Lotus, Brocades, Waves and Simone Micheli. The Omexco Simone Micheli collection is the result of a collaboration between Omexco and acclaimed Italian architectural hero, Simone Micheli. This ‘counter trend’ collection of enchanting geometric designs marks an important change for Omexco and is a perfect representation of empathic understandings between the designer and manufacturer.

For more information on Omexco collections of high end wallcoverings, you can visit The Best Wallpaper Place.

Darryl Husler