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Tips For Creating An Eye-catching Feature Wall

17.01.14 | Darryl Husler

Tips For Creating An Eye-catching Feature Wall

For people that want to make a statement when decorating a room, but don’t wish to overwhelm their guests, a feature wall could be the ideal solution. By creating a single feature wall in a room, you can add depth, and a stylish edge without having too much going on in the room’s decoration as a whole. With many top designers like Osborne and Little producing so many vivid, eye-catching wallpaper designs, it is really easy to create a fantastic feature wall without masses of artistic talent.

To create a really eye-catching feature wall, whether you choose to use Osborne and Little wallpaper or a combination of designs, you first need to choose which wall should be the feature wall. To make this decision, there are a few aspects of the room that you will need to consider.

Firstly, where is the main focal point of the room? This is usually a larger wall, with good light. Long walls are ideal for a really effective feature wall. A complex wallpaper design or mural can then cover several meters, giving the impression of more space and drawing the eye across the wall.

Perhaps most important to consider, a feature wall should ideally be a wall that is not obstructed by too many obstacles. Walls that have large amounts of space taken up by doors or windows are a poor choice. The large loss of wall space can lessen the impact of your wall design. Especially with complex designs that are popular in Osborne and Little wallpaper, patterns simply don’t flow as effectively if they are broken up bigger obstacles such as doors and windows.

Though walls with lots of furniture are not ideal for a feature wall, in particular, tall wardrobes, cupboards or bookshelves, beds or even sofas are less likely to detract from the impact of a feature wall. In most cases, a bed or sofa will only take up around the bottom third of a wall’s height, leaving most of the wall free for a dynamic feature wall design.

When it comes to choosing the right wallpaper design for your feature wall, with many popular designers such as Osborne and Little, Brian Yates and countless others embracing vivid and picturesque designs, the possibilities are boundless. For a more subtle effect, you could choose a wallpaper with a combination of complimentary colour tones. For those wishing to be more daring when decorating their feature wall, quirky, vintage, metallic or even floral wallpaper designs could be the perfect choice. Matthew Williamson’s ‘Eden’ collection for Osborne and Little features a plethora of unique designs, inspired by modern interpretations of myths and legends.

A feature wall allows you the freedom to decorate a room in a way that is highly creative and vibrant, whilst still practical for every day. The aim of a feature wall is not to take over a room, but to add a striking complete effect.

Darryl Husler