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The Best Wallpaper For: Bathrooms

11.06.15 | Darryl Husler

The Best Wallpaper For: Bathrooms

When it comes to thinking about wallpapering the bathroom there is one statement that many people would first jump to – ‘how can this be possible?’
In the good old days of wallpaper, attempting to do this was a definite no no because of the nightmare of problems the bathroom can create – water, steam, mould are all things we have had experiences with in the bathroom.
Today bathroom wallpaper is much more durable – you might call it bathroom friendly. Whilst it is still a relatively unusual thing to do, it is becoming more popular. Our article will look at bathroom wallpaper and provide tips for you.



Above: The traditional ‘tiled’ bathroom.

Where to start?
Getting the right type of wallpaper is the most important thing, or you will end up with the mistakes of the past otherwise. Recommended is new vinyl or super strength wallpaper. Not only is this good quality, but it will stop the wallpaper disintegrating when coming into contact with moist or humid conditions. Once you have hung the wallpaper it is a good idea to coat it with some kind of product that will give it added protection (think of it as staining a wooden door – it forms a shield.) For bathroom purposes decorators varnish would probably be the most appropriate.

Some general points to remember.
* Use plenty of paste when hanging the wallpaper in bathroom. It is less likely the heat and humidity will dry the paper out causing it to peel or fall.
* As with any bathroom (papered or not,) keep it as ventilated as possible to stop excess moisture.
* You are more likely to encounter problem surfaces pre-papering in the bathroom, so make sure the walls are prepared well to save time and effort later.
* Ensure any seams and joints are sealed. This is especially important to stop any water penetration.

The style.
Once you have seen to the necessaries choosing the style can be a tricky part depending on what you want to achieve.

Some would prefer the traditional and this can look perfectly fine and even classy in a bathroom.



Of course if one person opted for the traditional look, it wouldn’t be the same unless someone went fancy or thought outside the box. Plenty of possibilities exist for the brave. Here is one example:

Some people like the idea of keeping the theme in the bathroom –water, air / nature, and blue / green colours. This can actually work well and provide a soothing place for the mind and soul. The picture below shows an inviting and peaceful look created.

Notice that there is also no need to paper all of the bathroom either. As with other rooms in the house it is perfectly permissible to have feature walls / areas.

Everyone likes the idea of a compromise and this is even possible in the bathroom with wallpaper! One option is to use a tiled effect wallpaper. That way it ‘looks’ like a ‘normal’ bathroom, yet you lose those cold tiles which can be hard to clean. It can look very effective (when using the imagination…)



Whilst wallpaper in a bathroom might sound daring, it can work and lots of people will testify to this. Why not think about traditional wallpaper styles to give you a bit of inspiration and work from this. As long as you follow the important tips for papering in a bathroom, it should work out fine.


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