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Other uses for: Wallpaper

04.09.15 | Darryl Husler

Other uses for: Wallpaper

It is often said that the best things and ideas come from when someone thinks outside the box. Following this, the same can be said about wallpaper. Most people wouldn’t believe there are worlds of things that can be done with wallpaper other than simply papering the walls. In this article we will explore this, give you some ideas (and hopefully inspiration.)


* Think about the doors in your house – not the big kind you walk through but the others. Wardrobe doors, cupboard doors and the like. Have you ever thought that putting wallpaper on these can actually add style and spice to an otherwise plain door? Designs can be fancy, or simply ‘toned down’ to suit the rest of the room but the possibilities are endless.


Geometric Wallpaper

* Shelving areas are another item of furniture that is usually plain and seems as though nothing can be done with it. Wallpaper can come to the rescue and allow for a pattern to be used, which makes it look more attractive to the eye.


The above idea can be taken even further and a person can really experiment and have fun with this concept. Many people have multiple type shelving in their house . This could comprise of different layers, different sections (like pigeon holes) etc. Some have decided to really push their graphic design skills and use different wallpaper / styles on different sections of the shelving. As the example below shows, this can look very good and original as it becomes a collection of collage.


* Don’t forget coffee, sitting room and dining tables also. These can be decorated with wallpaper to give an enhanced look to an important piece of furniture. It is likely that these items will be on show to any guests you invite round, so aswell as looking good it will give something to talk about too.

Of course the problem with this may become things like spillages. There is nothing stopping you putting a table cloth on for those occasions and just having the ‘wrapped effect’ for show and aesthetic reasons.



Above: A wrapped and unwrapped table.

Finally, remember that if you have decided to do this, then use your imagination and let the creative / artistic side of your personality surface.

Children’s wallpaper will be appreciated by your young ones on the items in their bedrooms. Gold and glittery wallpaper would be ideal for the Christmas season.


Start thinking of something you might like to do, and if in doubt remember: its only wallpaper, it’s easily removable!