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Nursery makeover guide.

11.06.15 | Darryl Husler

Nursery makeover guide.

Decorating the nursery can be fun for all of the family and can be the time that the inner child in all us adults comes alive.

Remember that simple changes with the odd splash of different colour can make all the difference to a child’s room. If you wish however, a complete redesign is also possible. Read on for ideas…




Gender or not?

You can make a room for a young child without having to go to the pink end of the spectrum for girls or the blue end of the spectrum for boys. Similar to many other rooms in your house neutral and light colours can do the trick.


Above. In this example the main and base colour scheme means it could be suitable for a boy or a girl. To stop the arguments, if you have one child of each gender, this might be the perfect compromise!



With respect to styles and colour schemes in the kids bedroom, is it far more acceptable to ‘get away with’ colours and features what you normally wouldn’t dare put in the rest of the house. At this point you could say that the wall is your blank canvas and you can decorate it into whatever you see fit. It could be the children’s favourite characters from the animation world, or maybe that farm you visited with them and saw all the animals? A particular idea we like is the one shown below. Stencilling and fancy artwork can be put to great effect to achieve these kinds of projects.





When paying attention to the walls look to include features to make the room more child orientated. As you can see in the below example, posters and children’s artwork create a room more suitable for the young lion or lioness.





Shelving and Storage

This sounds a bit odd yet it can have benefits for adults and children. In terms of shelving, for the kids, all their items are within easy reach and they can see what they have got. For the adults everything is put away neat and tidy without looking cluttered (that’s if you do it of course!) Use boxes and storage items to further help. You can get fancy and creative at this point. For example, look at the box that was designed below for toys. It takes only a little imagination once you get started to turn something ordinary into a stylish item. This idea can then be used in other parts of the bedroom not just for boxes!




Furniture and space.

Make the space as inviting as possible but keep it roomy to avoid trips and accidents. As your child grows up they will need a chair and table to sit at, or maybe a junior comfy couch? Consider furniture appropriate for their ages.

Many children like to make dens and hideout spaces so selecting the right types of furniture can help with this.


The fabric areas of the room.

Carpet is the obvious choice for the floor, but rugs and mats don’t go amiss either. The thing about the latter is some fancy and colourful designs are on offer and are relatively cheap to buy. This adds to the decoration and feel of the room. The same can be said about curtains – indeed you may like to have or keep a theme going when it comes to this.


The most important point?

Use your imagination and common sense! Ask friends and family who have accomplished children’ room what they did and what they prefer best. It can often be as easy as just imaging you are a child again and having the adult perspective on what you would like to see to make the room special for you. Decorate and populate the room with childlike and inviting features – this will be a winner.

One thing to point out is to try and make the room as future proof as possible. Kids will not stay 2 years old for more than 12 months, and eventually their tastes will change. Unless you want to be redocrating the room every month try and take account of this.




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