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Interior Design Wallpaper Ideas

07.07.15 | Darryl Husler

Interior Design Wallpaper Ideas

Interior design ideas.

Many of you have probably faced this problem. You have decorated your room with wallpaper and it is a fantastic job. Now what will make or break the project is how the rest of the room looks in relation to the wallpaper. How do you fill a blank room so it shows off the wallpaper and makes the room look most effective? Here we will offer some tips and advice.



Blank Canvas

Above: ‘The blank canvas.’

* Firstly think about the wallpaper before you even buy it and hang it. You probably have at least some idea of the boarder design of your room and should be able to have some wallpaper styles in mind that will compliment everything.


* Secondly think about the flooring. Not only do you need to decide whether you are using vinyl, laminate or carpet, you will need to be aware of any styles and colours and how these will match both the wallpaper and any furniture you plan to use.


* Consider skirting boards and picture rails. These can really add a feature to a room aswell as injecting an extra finish to the area. Usually these are painted white (white goes with any colour) and this makes for a must for any interior design style project. Having these will also draw attention to your wallpaper because they create a point for the eye to focus on whereby you automatically glance at the wall also.


* Think about lighting. Lighting serves many purposes:

1) To provide light!

2) Adds a feature (especially if you are using a fancy lampshade or stand.)

3) It can project light into certain areas of a room enhancing a look and helping to make wallpaper, features or anything else stand out and have attention drawn to it. Use this to your advantage.


* ‘Adding’ to your walls can also make the area look nicer – by this we mean mirrors, pictures, paintings or anything else.



As you can see from the above what would otherwise look a boring wall is immediately brightened up and made more appealing by the inclusion of the feature.


* Look at your doors also because they can show up wallpaper well. A lovely gloss white finish on a door can make all the difference. Putting some fancy handles (maybe gold plated or perhaps brass) can also bring extra class to your room, helping to create that atmosphere that the wallpaper is also trying to achieve. The picture below shows all this well. You will notice how the white door and darker handles set off the wallpaper and paint scheme.

Fancy Doors




* Think about the area of the room and what you have to work with.

Bigger rooms are better because you can showcase the area – that said unless your planning on an extension there isn’t much you can do about this. The key is not to make the room look cluttered. If your room is smaller then don’t cram it with furniture as you will degrade the effect of anything positive you have or are trying to achieve.


When you have gone to the effort of completely wallpapering a room, you should take pride in showing off the results. This can easily be achieved or enhanced when doing further room renovation work with just a bit of thought. Hopefully this article has given you some extra ideas to work with.





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