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How To Use Flower Wallpaper Effectively

12.12.12 | Darryl Husler

How To Use Flower Wallpaper Effectively

Harnessing the power of floral designs in your home doesn’t have to mean your interiors are girly and full of chintz.  There are many ways in which you can use flower wallpaper effectively if you take your time to consider what kind of theme you are trying to create and where best to make use of these floral designs

First of all it is wise to consider the colour scheme , theme and layout of the room.  Then it is best to order wallpaper samples of your short listed favourites so you can hold these sample sections up to the walls in the room you are looking to decorate so you can get an idea of what you think may look best when applied to the whole room. 

Pastel colours and flowers such as roses may evoke a traditional feel and look good when used in rooms that will be decorated with old fashioned furniture, whereas the more exotic prints may bring a more modern touch to your interior design projects.  Consider that there are also different sizes of floral designs
so whereas some flower wallpapers will feature big and bold blossoms, others will have a far more subtle design.  These subtle designs will work well in smaller rooms whereas a bigger room can handle the bolder designs with larger flowers. 

If you want to experiment with a flamboyant design but are worried that it may be too overpowering for the room then it is also possible to restrict the flower wallpaper to a single feature wall.  This way all attention in the room will be drawn to that wall but the paper will not dominate the room too much as the other walls can be kept plain – either papered in a plain wallpaper to match the main feature wall or painted with a corresponding colour.

When ordering wallpaper samples it is best to get samples of several varieties even if they seem like the kind of paper you would not necessarily consider as sometimes it is the one you least suspect that will look the best.  Samples can also be held up against furniture and furnishings to make sure the paper will co-ordinate correctly once installed.