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How to: Patchwork wallpaper.

06.11.15 | Darryl Husler

How to: Patchwork wallpaper.

When it comes to thinking about wallpaper design the patchwork idea probably isn’t your first thought or at the top of your list. That said, hang on in there and read on because it can be a very unique way to show your imagination and artistic parts of your personality while creating something truly personal and original. In this article we will explore patchwork wallpaper a little further.

As we alluded to above, there is really no limit if you are brave enough and decide to use patchwork wallpaper to decorate your room. Simple patchwork combinations can be used that don’t look too excessive, all the way up to funky and mind blowing designs. The choice really is yours.

If you want to keep it low key…

Then something like our example below is a good starting point. The patchwork design in more of a ‘feature wall’ in this example and doesn’t look to overpowering.  You can experiment with this by cutting down the amount of patterns or using it over a smaller area so the look isn’t too ‘loud.’

Patched wallpaper

The traditional look…

You can get patchwork wallpaper and still give your room a sense of authentic and the traditional. As the picture below shows getting the correct blend and colour scheme can work wonders even if you fancy being a bit more daring with the wallpaper style.

Patched wallpaper

The ‘mosaic’ look…

If you want to really experiment with this idea then as our picture below shows there is no stopping in terms of the amount of colours, styles and patterns you can use. Keep in mind that themed patterns look good also. This floral theme works well.

Patched wallpaper

The classy look…

Having patchwork wallpaper doesn’t mean you need to lose the knack of looking tasteful, modern, and relevant. As you can see, the below image looks stunning and original, yet there is a sense of refined and sophisticated about it. You can almost drift off in a trance looking at this wallpaper.

Patched wallpaper


Once you have chosen your patchwork wallpaper shop around for patchwork accessories. These will further complement and enhance your wallpaper thus adding to the atmosphere of the room.

Taking a decision to embark on a project such as this can be a little bewildering as you can struggle with the idea of how far you can push it. Hopefully we have shown that there is a patchwork look for everyone, and now your job is to decide which suits you best.