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How to: Patch in a section of new wallpaper

13.10.15 | Darryl Husler

How to: Patch in a section of new wallpaper

The above can be a problem. Whether it is stains, marks, rips or tears these can all spoil a room and knowing what to do can sometimes be difficult.


The first step to ascertain is whether the wallpaper you have on your wall still exists and is available for purchase.

Further, when you undertake your original wallpapering job it is best to buy a roll or two over and keep these stored somewhere incase you need to do any remedial works later. This then cuts the panic and risk of the wallpaper style and type not existing anymore!

* If you CANT get hold of the wallpaper …this will prove difficult. The choice is to try and either live with the problem, patch it up in some other way, or just strip the whole area and start again with new wallpaper and patterns.

* If you CAN get hold of the wallpaper… you should be in luck!

Below is a general idea of how you can carry out this job.

1) Measure a patch of wallpaper (slightly bigger and square / rectangular in shape) than the damaged area. Correspond these measurements to your new roll of wallpaper.

2) Secondly cut out to the dimensions required and test it (without putting paste on the wall or paper at this stage.) The most important thing is to ensure an even match and overlap of any lines and patterns. This can be quite tricky so take your time.

3) Once you are happy with the above, trim the new piece of wallpaper to ensure an exact fit once you are ready to paste.

4) Carefully cut out the section of damaged wallpaper using a sharp blade to make a smooth and straight job as possible.

5) Paste your new piece of wallpaper (remembering that the wall will be dry so the right amount of paste is essential – too much or too little can cause problems.)

6) Apply the piece to the wall and deal with it the same as you would any other new piece of wallpaper.

Hopefully if everything has been followed correctly there should be a match, and no one will be able to tell you have ‘patched’ the area up.

This is not the only way to carry out this job, there are of course others and you may find a different method easier. However you decide to it just be mindful of these important words and actions for this task – patience and precision.