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How To: Achieve a Stunning Feature Wall

01.12.14 | Darryl Husler

How To: Achieve a Stunning Feature Wall

Feature walls are a great idea. They give an impression of character, and transform an otherwise plainly decorated room in something bold and allow a person to put their own style stamp which depending on individuals personalities can be anything from simple to grand and bespoke. Features walls are handy because they can save time as potentially there is no need to decorate elsewhere in the room if you have a good central, focal point.

What and where?
The first steps are obvious, yet they are among the hardest decisions to make when deciding to create a feature wall.

What –
What would you like to create as your feature? Is it a picture of landscape of some kind? Is it a wall with unique and original painting and photos? Is it merely an elaboration of a different style of paining, or perhaps use of stencils and fancy artwork takes your liking?

Where –
Thinking about the location and the location within the location is important. A feature wall in the little box room that no one sees will probably be a waste of resources and time. Possibly the lounge or dining room is a good idea if you entertain regularly? Maybe you find looking at something unique and different of an evening while unwinding on the sofa is the idea of change and spice that is needed in your life?

Consider also whereabouts in the room you would like you feature wall to be. It is no good creating a feature wall that is going to be blocked by a door that is constantly open as it will never be seen. Think about how the eye will be attracted to the wall also. You do not want a feature wall that attracts your eye to the window of your neighbours rotten fence and overgrown garden!

Ensure contentment.
If you live on your own and it is your own place you only have yourself to please. Notwithstanding this, trying to find something you are comfortable and feel ‘just right’ with can be difficult. Afterall, it is you that has to look at the feature wall.
If you live with someone, this can be harder and compromise may be the best option. This is why the next point is important.

Sit down and write a list if needed, about the type of things you are willing to consider for a feature wall and not willing to consider. Something as simple as having a visual map of your thoughts can narrow the search down and ensure you have given everything opportunity.

When you have narrowed the search down head online, or to a DIY shop, or perhaps you know people who have feature walls in a style and format you are interested in? Get further ideas and opinion which will allow you to make a better informed decision.

You can sample what a style may look like without going to too much trouble or expense. Collect a few paintings if that is your theme, and see how they would fare on the wall. Buy a stencil set and experiment with designs and layouts on a piece of paper. Whilst you may incur some monetary costs this way, it far cheaper than trying to change the complete wall after if you are not happy with it!

Mixing and Matching.
Just as with wallpapering and painting, be mindful of colour schemes and what matches with other things. If you want a feature wall of an ocean scene that gives a calm feeling, it wouldn’t really match if the rest of your furniture was in black.
Of course if you are adventurous and feeling this, you may deliberately choose clashing or vibrant colours to attract attention.

Get to it!
Once you have eventually decided the time comes to take action. Enlist help or get some professional input if necessary.
You may also use this time to decorate your room as a whole or change some of the furniture for something new. While work is in progress, anything is possible.

Crown it off.
Once a feature wall is created make the most of the opportunity to showcase it – you wouldn't keep a new car locked away in a garage permanently after all!
Some examples include rearranging the furniture so the feature wall is prominent, or complemented by its surroundings. Changing the lighting or include free standing / spotlights to create more bright emphasis on the area.
Relax! All the hard work is done. Now admire your work.