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Do wallpaper and lampshades go together?

20.10.15 | Darryl Husler

Do wallpaper and lampshades go together?

The short answer to the above question is ‘yes, they can do.’

Last month we introduced you to other uses for wallpaper and we discovered some wonderful designs and ideas. In an extension of that theme, we are going to look at how the art of wallpapering your lampshades can bring a fresh new idea into your room.



wallpaper and lampshades

Something like the above can look a little too plain for some people, yet adding wallpaper to the item can be a simple and cheap way to combat this. As the autumn nights draw in and we are using lights more often, what better way to showcase your lampshades than by adopting this suggestion?

As the picture shows above, you will generally need a light or plain lampshade so the wallpaper can cover it well. Remember to use a good quality ‘proper’ lamp shade. For example the paper types you can purchase would not be suitable for this kind of work.

Before undertaking this job, switch on your light, and if you can, experiment with different kinds of wallpaper against the shade and the light. This gives you an idea of what the finished project will look like and may help you to make an informed decision about which wallpaper you will actually choose.

The next point is where the maths comes in! You will need to measure the height of your lampshade, and the area around it (i.e. the circumference.) Once you have done this, transfer the measurements across to your chosen wallpaper (perhaps adding a few extra mm or cm for comfort.) Then, test the patch against your lampshade and trim off any excess once you are happy.

Paste your piece of wallpaper, but remember not to use too much as the job will become messy! Starting at the thickest area (normally the seam of the lampshade) add the wallpaper and smooth / ‘roller’ it around the circumference of the surface. Once it is all on, you can then make minor adjustments to ensure the wallpaper sits centrally and comprehensively over the lamp shade.


If the job turns out anything like the example below, you should be pleased with it and it will look amazing. Infact, it can sometimes be hard to tell whether the lampshade has been papered or it is a natural design!

Lampshade and wallpaper 2