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Dining room makeover guide

10.08.15 | Darryl Husler

Dining room makeover guide

A dining room is one of the best areas of the house to undertake a makeover. However, because this room is so ‘special’ it is important that continuity is kept so the overall style and theme of the room is classy and suitable – just for you or your guests.

The wallpaper.

Most types of wallpapers will fit a dining room as there are no special considerations to take into account. You may want to think more about the colour and style of the wallpaper and the type of atmosphere you are trying to create. The picture below shows an example of a unique yet modern and effective look.

Dining room wallpaper



Picking your furniture is one of the most important and exciting things about having your dining room decorated. Here are a few things you may want to think about before making a decision:

* Space. How big is your dining room and can you accommodate what you are intending to purchase?

* Cost. You may be on a budget or have plenty of cash. Whichever option, there is something suitable and tasteful for all. Shopping around is the key, and you may also pick up a bargain too.

* Chairs. This might sound an abstract point, yet it seems to be the chairs that make the dining room what it is. Serious consideration should be given to this. Remember that chairs don’t always have to match the table to look good. Ensure something is chosen that not only looks good, but serves its purpose also – chairs need to be comfortable and inviting. You or your guests don't want to end up with back strain!

* Accessories. Kitting a dining room is more than just a table and chairs. Cushions, rugs and ornaments are all examples of accessories that can enhance a room. The below picture is a really great example of this.

Dinning room ideas


Style points.

Think about the overall size of your room. If you are small on space, then the use of glass and mirrors can help create a bigger look. In the reverse of this, if your rooms are big, then dark colours can work well. Beware of clutter and make sure your room is not too populated or looks completely empty and bare either.


While it might seem a bit too forward thinking to be worrying about cleaning something before you've even installed it, being mindful of this will pay off. If you are rarely in the house or hardly have time on your hands, buying that grand, expensive oak table that needs regular waxing and polishing is probably not a good idea. It is likely to get damaged easily.  If this point applies to you, stick with something that is low maintenance. Planning for this can really help.


Having taken account of these points, you need to get to work and start revamping. Don’t worry though, once complete it will look perfect!