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Different wallpaper styles: Textured & Anaglypta

11.02.15 | Darryl Husler

Different wallpaper styles: Textured & Anaglypta

Most people think of wallpaper as a flat smooth surface which acts in effect as a top layer to lining paper – similar to that shown in the picture above. These types of wallpaper can be plain or have patterns and designs.




Textured wallpaper Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpapers can be regarded as a level up from ‘ordinary’ wallpaper since they are designed to have a 3D effect and create contrast to liven up a wall Furthermore wallpapers exist that look 3D but are painted or printed in such a way as to give that effect. These are called faux textured wallpapers (so called because they are ‘false’ – the wallpaper is actually flat not 3D.)

Proper textured wallpaper is quite an expensive material due to its intricate design and bespoke nature. Faux textured wallpaper is cheaper and is often a popular alternative due to cost alone. Depending which styles are selected, those which are bulk produced tend to attract the lower prices.

Textured wallpaper can be used to quite clever effect to give the impression that a wall is made out of natural raw material (e.g. stone or brick walls) without the expense and hassle of actually using these materials. This is often done in a business environment to give a striking view to clients and customers. A contemporary or traditional look can be achieved by doing this so there is ample scope to suit different situations.

Textured wallpaper has another positive point to it: it can help when trying to remedy uneven walls.  This is because the 3D effect helps to hide the roughness associated with uneven walls.


Wallpaper style - anaglypta paintable wallpaper

Anaglypta (sometimes called paintable textured wallpaper) is one of the oldest and best known types of wallpaper. Its popularity comes and goes with changes in fashions and times, yet it still remains on the wallpaper radar.

Anaglypta literally means “raised ornament” and was first discovered during the 1800s and has adapted ever since.

Essentially anaglypta is a paintable type of wallpaper which is usually thick in texture to allow any paint to ‘take.’ The paper used in the material is embossed and thus raised designs cover the paper to give it the standout and recognisable effect that anaglypta is renowned for.

The normal practice for using anaglypta paper is to hang it, paint it with some kind of undercoat / primer and then use your desired colour as the top coat. Anaglypta is such a versatile paper that it can be used on walls or ceilings. Times have moved on from what many people may regard as the ‘dated’ anaglypta designs like those shown in the above pictures. Today, trendy and modern designs have been added to the range which when coupled with appropriate painting can give just about any effect that someone could hope and wish for.