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Decorating Your New Home: Where To Start

10.11.14 | Darryl Husler

Decorating Your New Home: Where To Start

Making a decision to start decorating is never taken lightly. Often people dream of the end result of a well presented, polished and cosy room, trying to create the atmosphere you have in mind. Decorating can also be a stressful job; it often involves turning rooms upside down, moving objects into other places and lots of time invested. With proper planning some of the hassle can be taken out of the process, therefore this guide will be your aid.

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As mentioned above, this is probably one of the most important steps. Everything needs to be planned. How long do you expect the job to take, how much are you willing to spend, what type of style do you want to achieve, what materials will you need…..There is never a silly thing to consider, only things not considered! Take time, sit down and map the job and process out long before you consider buying anything like wallpaper.

Tidy up.

Creating a fresh look can also be a good time to clear up the place in general. Is there things you no longer need, things that can be thrown away / given away? If nothing else this will make the process of moving your wanted and needed possession a bit easier when decorating. Take time to clean the room in general too so it is fresh, dust and germ free. What about behind the bed or TV stand that is never normally moved because it’s so awkward? Decorating can be an ideal time to do these things.

Which first & in what order?

You may be decorating one room and know which is it, or may have several. Thinking logically can help with this. Where do you spend most time? Maybe you want your bedroom decorating so it is cosy and comfortable. Maybe you entertain friends and family a lot and decide that a glamorous living / dining room would look good?

Money is also important. Most have of us have to decorate in stages if we have more than one room and if money is precious. Deciding which order to decorate according to your preference and funds is important. This also allows money to be saved for future projects. Don’t do everything all at once!

 Specifics of the room.

The colour of a room can say a lot about its creator. Colour can also be used to create a certain mood or style therefore it should be given thought.  Bright colours like reds and yellows are stimulating colours and create an energetic feel. Remember there are also colours within colours. A bright red might not seem appropriate for a bedroom, but a softer red can create a romantic and warm feel. Colours of blue tend to create a calmness and relaxation. Some people believe that you can never go wrong with neutral colours as a light and airy feeling is created. The choice is yours.

Place a stamp on the new room.

A newly fresh but bland room would do nothing to show all the hard work put into the decorating. What items do you have that match or compliment your chosen colour scheme? Do you have a centre piece or an eye catching item that can set the room off? What about a grand painting or piece of artwork above the bed, or those traditional ornaments that look at home in the lounge? You may already have some of these items, you may not. Again, don’t go out and buy everything or at least not all at once. Sometimes simple and inexpensive items can really be the icing on your newly decorated cake!