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Common wallpaper problems: Exposed corners.

07.12.15 | Darryl Husler

Common wallpaper problems: Exposed corners.

When you have spent much time and effort wallpapering your room, you want it to look fabulous and why shouldn’t you! When you have completed such a project and it looks nearly perfect, the minor and little imperfections seem to show up much more readily. Exposed corners are one of these problems, and if you have different patterns / styles of wallpaper then it is likely to show up further. The good news is that a simple solution exists to remedy this problem.

Heard of decorators caulk?

This is a product which acts as a ‘filler’ for covering gaps and can be used to hide or conceal seams cleverly / effectively.

The product is purchased in a tube, and its application requires a ‘silicone / caulk gun’ to deliver the product under pressure.

How does it work?

1) Firstly you will need to estimate the size of the gap you want to fill. This is important because you will have to cut the tip of the tube which delivers the product. Wider gaps will need a bigger cut with the knife, while smaller gaps will require a shallow cut. If in doubt, start small and trim more off the tube as appropriate. Be careful with sharp objects like knifes.

2) Make a decision where you are going to start filling from. This is important because you will need to apply the product consistently and it looks far neater if this is done in a system e.g. left to right or top to bottom etc.

3) Squeeze the trigger on the gun and apply enough of the caulk. Too much will flow out of the seam and too little won’t cover the seam so appropriate coverage is key.

4) Once applied, smooth the seam over with your finger so a neat, sealed and natural effect is given.

5) Remove any excess caulk which may have got onto the wallpaper or areas where you don’t want it. Once dry it will be hard to get off, so remove with a damp cloth or small sponge.

6) Finish!

It really is as easy as that. Once you have finished, you will never have an exposed corner again.

Silicone Gun


Above: Just incase you don’t know what a silicone / caulk gun looks like.