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A background on Brian Yates

07.07.15 | Darryl Husler

A background on Brian Yates

Brian Yates is a term many associate with interior and design, therefore this brand has become synonymous within the area. Amongst the range of products ‘endorsed’ by this man, the brand is very common within the wallpapering industry. This reputation is earned because of some key features that are unique and special about the Brian Yates brand – these are style, quality and innovative pieces.

Brian Yates has founded the brand, but this has since progressed so that today a contemporary and modern style exists which looks great and commands popularity.

To prove the above point, this article will look at some examples of Brian Yates wallpaper so the extent of the variety can be assessed.

Brian Yates



As you can see from the first picture, you probably wouldn’t get this in many traditional wallpaper shops. The floral and colourful pattern is most noticeable about this, along with how well the rich colours blend together. You will also notice how the blue is added in which actually draws your attention to all the piece of paper.

Butterfly Collage



This is another style of Yates wallpaper. If you pardon the pun, you can see a ‘pattern’ emerging now – the range is something very tailored and unique and would probably suit a specific group or area of people. You would think that a niche like this would not be very popular, yet the brand does very well and this goes to support the fact that diversity is important.


In this photo you can see that that a mixture of pictures and photos are put together which shows up well against the white background. Some people would prefer the fact that getting bored of this wallpaper is unlikely since it full of differences.


Brian Yates Wallpaper



Here is another style of Brian Yates wallpaper. We really like this and think it works very well. Again the colours have been thought about and blend well together. The pattern is also effective (you will notice the ‘swaying’ of the red down the middle of the wall.) This look is very clever, as it appears messy but in a classy and quality kind of way.


Of course the Brian Yates brand does produce other ranges of wallpaper and not just flamboyant styles! Why not visit our Brian Yates Section [insert link] to see the full range? You might then be able to answer whether this brand does indeed promote style, quality and innovation.




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