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Bold Patterns: Where & How to use them | The Best Wallpaper Place

19.03.15 | Darryl Husler

Bold Patterns: Where & How to use them | The Best Wallpaper Place

Think of bold patterns and you can go striking as you like, the picture above is a sure example of this. A lot of people these days are fans of neutral patterns and colour schemes. This is because they are easy on the eye, require little effort and are suit all tastes as it is a safe option.

The downside of this is it becomes a shame because bold patterns can get overlooked or shot down unnecessarily.

Bold patterns can make a room and set it apart. Even if you are the fan of the neutral style, a bold pattern can still work as it gives the place some character and spices it up a little. This article will give some tips and advice about bold patterns.


Decide what you want.

Having a start or an aim is the first point to consider. You obviously don’t want to go over the top with too many bold designs and you need decide where you are going to put them, where they will be most effective etc. This is only done with careful planning, and this is advised before anything else.


Start small.        

Buy something small and experiment first. This allows you to have a taste of the look and feel. The last thing you want to do is completely renovate your room, spend lots of money and decide bold patterns weren’t for you – this will cost you time and money. If you are not feeling comfortable or confident, it is also advisable to undertake such a task in a less popular room of the house as results are not so critical then.


Colour schemes.

Pick a colour style you like and stick within this. This can make it easier as it narrows the range of options down, and means you are more likely to accept the bolder colours if they are within the range you like.

This is for the neutral fans…One tip is to use bolder colours against a general white, neutral or plain background. The effect of this is the bold stands out more, but the neutral waters it back without making it too vibrant. It is advisable to have ‘one or the other’ – either use bold wallpaper or background and use plainer furniture or vice versa.

Remember paint.

Using bold colours can be as simple or grand as you like. It can be relatively inexpensive if paint is used.

These days, paint comes in a range of different colours (which includes yellows oranges and pinks,) and even if not, there is no excuse as paint can be mixed to get more or less anything you like!

Try a colour out on something as a trial and if this works this can be easily replicated.

Something as simple as painting one wall or a bookcase a bold colour could do the trick and look equally as effective as a complete restyle. Complete coverage is not always necessary and partial coverage with differing patterns can work equally as well.

Above: The bold looking bookcase.

Think outside the box.

If you are looking to go bold, think about experimenting with the not so obvious. How about bold and vibrant curtains? During the day a focal point is created as light shines through the windows. During the evening the bold patterns are seen in all their glory as the curtains are shut.

Carpet can be changed to something more adventurous and bold, but think carefully and be certain as this is quite a big step. As an alternative to carpet, a vibrant rug is an option as it can easily be changed. If your flooring is laminate, bright and bold rugs can show up impressively against the backdrop of the flooring.


Ultimately your approach and extent to bold colours and patterns depends on how adventurous you are. Hopefully this article has shown that there is some approach to bold designs for even the most cautious people