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The Best Wallpaper For: Bedrooms

19.08.15 | Darryl Husler

The Best Wallpaper For: Bedrooms

If the statistics are true about sleep, the bedroom is one place where we spend a big part of our life. Even if you don’t believe this, the surroundings of the bedroom are the last thing we see at night, and the first thing we see when we wake up for sure. Therefore having quality, attractive and likable wallpaper can (as silly as it seems) shape our sleep and set our mood for the day. In this article we explore this further.

The plain look.

All types of light, neutral or airy colours and styles are always popular because quite simply you can never go far wrong. If you want a relaxed or fresh feeling then this is probably the best option to go for. As the picture shows, an element of calm and tranquillity is immediately felt when seeing this.



Bold designs.

If you are being daring (and are happy with this) then you can go the total opposite of neutral. The bold patterns can do a variety of things for the bedroom. Firstly it allows you to put your own stamp on it. Secondly, the patterns actually give substance and style to the room. Thirdly, if an appropriate pattern is chosen, it can actually make the room look bigger.


Feature walls.

Just like in any part of the house, feature walls can set off a bedroom. You may even find you like a bold pattern to be nominated as your feature wall – this is perfectly acceptable. Experiment with this concept a little also. A feature wall doesn’t solely have to be about the wallpaper. Having a feature ‘object’ against a wall can set something striking equally as cleverly. On the other hand a feature wall can be something as basic as you want.


Above: Remember wallpaper is available for purchase that gives this stone effect (amongst others, such as brick, marble etc.)


Whilst borders seem to go in and out of fashion they are still a viable option to consider. Again, thinking outside the box is perfectly fine and will probably remove that idea and feel of ‘same old.’ In the example shown below, borders are added to the walls in a unique and capturing making it look very effective and original.


Extra things

Finally to add to the ambience of the bedroom, don’t forget to include paintings, pictures and photos for example. Even the best designed wallpaper on a bedroom wall can still look bland without any enhancing features.