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Advice For Choosing Childrens Wallpaper

05.01.12 | Darryl Husler

Advice For Choosing Childrens Wallpaper

When it comes to interior design it can be difficult to know which colours to choose, what will match your furniture and which wallpaper would bring the whole thing together. It is difficult enough trying to select suitable paper for a living room or bedroom, given that there are so many choices out there, but spare a thought for anyone who is faced with choosing childrens wallpaper as this task can be even harder.

If left to the children they may opt for a cartoon character of their choice but as every experienced parent will tell you, what they like today they will have grown out of tomorrow and unless you want to re-paper the walls every 6 months you may be better off choosing something generic such as striped wallpaper for boys or butterfly wallpaper for girls. That way the wallpaper can stay for a little longer and the children will still get something special.

One option with childrens wallpaper, rather than actually having to pick a design or pattern, is to go with a brightly coloured paper such as yellow, blue or silver or perhaps a glittery wallpaper to catch the light and make the whole room sparkle. On the other hand you can opt for something simple like a star pattern, spots or stripes.

There is something so much simpler about opting for a generic style rather than choosing wallpaper which has been branded by
Stripy wallpaper can be bold and bright coloured or it can be subtle and pale, depending on what kind of room it will be used in and whether it is for a boy or a girl. Striped wallpaper comes in a massive variety of colours including gold, silver, blue, beige, red, pink and purple so there are plenty of choices when it comes to thinking about decorating the bedrooms of children of all ages.children’s cartoon characters or pop stars. This way something like striped wallpaper can be brought to life with various accessories and then adapted this way as the child’s tastes change.

If you are looking for childrens wallpaper why not consider visiting our website where you can browse our many styles including striped wallpaper.