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5 Different Ways To Use Left Over Vintage Wallpaper

05.01.12 | Darryl Husler

5 Different Ways To Use Left Over Vintage Wallpaper

If you are absolutely in love with the idea of vintage wallpaper then you will probably have exhausted papering your walls with it and may now be wondering what else you can use it for. There are many different ways to use this style of wallpaper, not just for the actual walls themselves, and we will now look at 5 ways to decorate with your left over paper.

Firstly, if you think that vintage paper may look too much all over your walls or you have some paper left that you would like to introduce into another room then you might choose to use a piece of wallpaper and frame it to make a feature out of it. Vintage paper makes very good art and you can choose how big you want the image to be by cutting a length from the roll of wallpaper.

Secondly, another way to adorn your walls using your favourite paper is by creating a memory board or notice board using the wallpaper as a background. This can then be hung on your wall similar to the framed art to create a feature, as well as something that is also useful.

Thirdly, and this also goes for Swarovski wallpaper and other crystal wallpapers is that you can use the left overs you have from wallpapering your walls to wrap presents. These sparkly or vintage designed papers make unique and unusual yet very effective wrapping paper for Christmas or birthday presents and can be dressed up with ribbons and bows to maximise the effect.

A fourth way to use up your leftover vintage or Swarovski wallpaper is to use it to cover books. This way your books look fantastic but it also gives them some added protection.

The final way to use up your left over vintage wallpaper is to use it to line shelves and drawers. This not only protects the things that you keep in the drawers or on the shelves but it also makes them look neater and prettier.

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